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16 Feb

pictures like this are VERY dangerous for budding hoarders like myself. I’ve got two great globes… but now I really want a collection!

and I really won’t be able to stop until I have  at least one rare black beauty


desire to inspire –


the OG

25 Jan

the real deals. the ones your momma carried. the beautiful all leather classics re-released by coach. buy one, your future daughter will thank you!

here’s my baby, it’s an original original. the city bag. found her thrifting for just $8! found another lighter version at the same hot spot a few weeks later, victory.  Without all that crazy “C” action so maybe people just pass these beauties by.

duvet debate

3 Jan

the search has been going on for a while now, but it’s time to settle on something already so I can start enjoying my new king size christmas comforter!

the boy's solo attempt, so sweet that he took on the challenge

the joint attempt, i wasn't sure about the satin shine but channeled Candice Olsen and went with it. After two nights of slipping covers, it's headed back.

the dwell studio stripe my original top contender. too expensive, but pretty enough to knock off

only $37 on overstock, scared that it's too good to be true... serious quality concerns


7 Dec

brick and lots of green- dig. plus great old floors, giant window, unexpected glam mirror, and a chalkboard to boot. i’ll take it all.

happy st. nicks!

6 Dec

St. Nick’s day always feels like the official start to the holidays for me, growing up we would get a stocking full of tiny decadent treats on Dec. 6th. This year I made sure the nephews had similar sweet surprises, but if I could fill my own sock it would be with a little box of beauties like this!I can always steal chocolate from the boys 🙂


the whole shabang

3 Dec

pillows and plants! truly this couldn’t be more perfect. I love the mix of fun floral and bold stripe and then that rustic wall, the shutters, those pots! swoon swoon. what’s even more fun is that this image is part of a fabulous family of pretty pictures of one rad houseremember this past post, that’s their living room!

the finds

29 Nov

I didn’t buy… but would have if the garage were bigger


shadow box of sea stuff

lots of tiny one bud bottles

nice wood and metal magazine rack