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garlic garden

1 Jul

a surprise favorite from my grandma’s garden, these garlic heads are super cool


weekend color

20 Jun

Some of my favorites from the wedding i did this weekend, love the pops of bright yellow and orange for summer.


24 May

i am a lucky girl, the boy spent all weekend working our land. really, tilling is hard!

then he took me to the farmers market for these beauties!

came home &  built me 3 of these


happy weekend

20 May

have a good one!

thanks pops

29 Apr

I found a new treasure at dads shop, now we just need to build a new room so it can go in the house!  Unfortunately the boy is a little too attached to the ceiling fan in the living room… so not sure where to put this beauty yet.

field trip Fall Creek Falls

21 Apr

We decided to get out of town and do a little exploring, so we took drive to east Tennessee and had a little adventure.  Spring is a great time to go see waterfalls, they are gushing!

The boy climbed lots of things that I was way too scared of…

but that was just fine with me, I went off to find wildflowers!

We hiked up high and I got a few scraps but  we got to see a rainbow so it was worth it.

And we hiked way down to the base of the falls too, which was actually my favorite. I got to see lots of pretty moss and it was much cooler close the water.

i knew i liked her for a reason…

14 Apr

we have the same taste in blankets

pattern on pattern & pink on pink. i’m listening, i suwannee.

get some blanket goodness of your own