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Fabric Friday: Underbelly

15 Apr

I found both these fabrics in the same day and fell in love with the beautiful bronze and peach colors + I love the simple hint of pattern on both that gives them interests but allows them both to read as quiet solids when mixed with other fabrics.

BUT  I’ve said it before when you’re a fabric junkie like me, you really have to start rationalizing purchases before you bring a new pile home… and in this case i wasn’t sure I could indulge in two similarly shinetastic pieces in one shopping trip. So I did what any inventive hoarder would and flipped the fabrics over to see if I could use the reverse side of the fabric.

the peach was a winner, I  loved the rough almost nubby texture of the underside even more than the fabric face.

no such luck with the bronze fabric, the underside was just yuck

but one shiny + one nubby fabric make a great combo and an undisputable must purchase, so I went home happy.


flea friday

25 Feb

taking a break from the fabric today to show you lots of goodies I spotted at the Nashville flea. Really really loved the set of six chair in the first pics but unfortunately no space for them, hope they go to a good home! this last light fixture made the cut though, so excited to hang her in the dining room. off to lowes with boy now to see about some new wiring!


16 Feb

pictures like this are VERY dangerous for budding hoarders like myself. I’ve got two great globes… but now I really want a collection!

and I really won’t be able to stop until I have  at least one rare black beauty


desire to inspire –

the OG

25 Jan

the real deals. the ones your momma carried. the beautiful all leather classics re-released by coach. buy one, your future daughter will thank you!

here’s my baby, it’s an original original. the city bag. found her thrifting for just $8! found another lighter version at the same hot spot a few weeks later, victory.  Without all that crazy “C” action so maybe people just pass these beauties by.

fabric friday

14 Jan

I found the absolute perfect fabric for a friend in her signature color combo green and pink! it’s a pretty small square but I know she’ll put it to good use as a great accent pillow or a fresh chair covering

Fabric Friday

7 Jan

new dots! both on lightweight cotton.

tiny and neutral
big bold bright

now I need to find the perfect sewing project to put these to good use, ideas anyone?

under our tree!

28 Dec

papa got us one of these big old bad boys for christmas. we haven’t hauled it home yet, but  please start brainstorming ideas of glorious things to write and draw.also as this picture makes abundantly clear I’ll  need to start buying weekly tulips to go along with our chalkboard, because they obviously go together.