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i like your style

14 Apr

look at all those houseplants!

and a bedroom tree! ahh now I want a bedroom tree. the boy doesn’t really need his own night stand does he? … no no i think we could make the sacrifice for some more green.

beauty from designsponge



11 Apr

first tiny seedling sprouts about 8 days after I  planted taken this morning about 16 days after planting getting so tall and definitely growing straight toward the sunlight that comes in towards the right

the pothole gardner

9 Mar

i adore this project

photos by Pete Dungey

tumbled on SUN

8 Mar

love a sun drenched room especially when it’s filled with plants…and that full wall of windows is gorgeous leading out into that lush green backyard.

thanks for collecting roygbiv


Longwood Gardens

7 Mar

I wish my weekend would have included a field trip to this magical place.  The conservatory looks amazing and huge. All the pictures below are from JUST the East Plaza which was recently renovated to include the longest green wall in North America.  Not exactly in my neighborhood, but if I’m ever in Kennet Square, PA I’ll be sure to make it a priority.

more info


4 Mar

spotted a recent grow box pull looking lovely in the bottom left corner of this bright white room


baby seeds

2 Mar

Get excited, March is the month to start your garden! If you’re new to flower growing you can start small. Pick just one flower to grow this year & start it from seed. It really is easier than you think and it’s so rewarding to see that first little sprout. You don’t even have to invest in lots of new supplies, here are two great ideas for absolutely free seed starting pots.

yep that's a toilet paper roll, click for instructions