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garlic garden

1 Jul

a surprise favorite from my grandma’s garden, these garlic heads are super cool


flower factory

15 Jun

the goings on in my home studio during preparation for a recent wedding.  flower bucket overflow on the kitchen table

separating out bridesmaid bundles

piles of pitt and waxflower for aisle chairs getting grouped on the floor

tied in bundles then back into waterdoing the hold test for bride’s bouquet, it has to be just the right size

more photos from set up on location coming soon!


11 Apr

first tiny seedling sprouts about 8 days after I  planted taken this morning about 16 days after planting getting so tall and definitely growing straight toward the sunlight that comes in towards the right

happy monday!

4 Apr

Unearthed this photo from my days in Holland with roygbiv, who took this photo. so pretty!

the pothole gardner

9 Mar

i adore this project

photos by Pete Dungey

baby seeds

2 Mar

Get excited, March is the month to start your garden! If you’re new to flower growing you can start small. Pick just one flower to grow this year & start it from seed. It really is easier than you think and it’s so rewarding to see that first little sprout. You don’t even have to invest in lots of new supplies, here are two great ideas for absolutely free seed starting pots.

yep that's a toilet paper roll, click for instructions


fluro flowers

24 Feb

i’ve been in a nyquil haze, no condition for proper posting. these bright flowers might help bring me back to the living