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fabric friday

6 May

needs a good pressing, but you get the idea. destined for pillowdom unless someone has another brilliant idea?!


Fabric Friday: Underbelly

15 Apr

I found both these fabrics in the same day and fell in love with the beautiful bronze and peach colors + I love the simple hint of pattern on both that gives them interests but allows them both to read as quiet solids when mixed with other fabrics.

BUT  I’ve said it before when you’re a fabric junkie like me, you really have to start rationalizing purchases before you bring a new pile home… and in this case i wasn’t sure I could indulge in two similarly shinetastic pieces in one shopping trip. So I did what any inventive hoarder would and flipped the fabrics over to see if I could use the reverse side of the fabric.

the peach was a winner, I  loved the rough almost nubby texture of the underside even more than the fabric face.

no such luck with the bronze fabric, the underside was just yuck

but one shiny + one nubby fabric make a great combo and an undisputable must purchase, so I went home happy.

fabric friday

8 Apr

one of my favorite fabric fridays from the past is now available on Etsy


fabric friday

18 Feb

Nothing is better than finding a great fabric that already has a function. That’s why I couldn’t pass up this vintage flower print… I loved the pink, orange & green combo plus they are completely ready to go pleated curtain panels! done and done.

look for me on Etsy soon

fabric friday

11 Feb

I was initially drawn to the intense color and bold pattern on this piece. But I really fell in love with all the hand done detailing like the rainbow stitched spine and the knotted hem.  In its former life I guessing it was a blanket, but it wouldn’t be too hard to whip this bad boy into a shower curtain! or maybe even and oversized upholstered ottoman? I really wish i knew more about when and how this really unique piece was created, so share any insights if you’ve got ’em!

fabric friday

4 Feb

a little bit 80’s, a little bit perfect. another huge 54″ bolt just right for an upholstery project. I say slap this beauty on a headboard Sarah Richardson style.

looks just like this material from a former fabric friday!

she does great work & who doesn’t love Tommy. I dvr anything she’s ever done on HGTV, you should too

fabric friday

28 Jan

love this super graphic almost cartoony basket weave. lucky me it came on a huge 54″ bolt which makes it perfect for an upholstery project. wouldn’t it be great looking on an arm-chair with really strong contrast piping, maybe in black?