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hey i’ve got those

26 Apr

Lonny did a little round up of glassware by George Briard… all these are very cute & I count this a proof that I’ve got fab taste, since a couple of weeks ago I grabbed a pair of the the same glasses. They are available on etsy

I couldn’t resist trying them out at home first, perfect for a cocktail or  as a mini vase.


Fabric Friday: Underbelly

15 Apr

I found both these fabrics in the same day and fell in love with the beautiful bronze and peach colors + I love the simple hint of pattern on both that gives them interests but allows them both to read as quiet solids when mixed with other fabrics.

BUT  I’ve said it before when you’re a fabric junkie like me, you really have to start rationalizing purchases before you bring a new pile home… and in this case i wasn’t sure I could indulge in two similarly shinetastic pieces in one shopping trip. So I did what any inventive hoarder would and flipped the fabrics over to see if I could use the reverse side of the fabric.

the peach was a winner, I  loved the rough almost nubby texture of the underside even more than the fabric face.

no such luck with the bronze fabric, the underside was just yuck

but one shiny + one nubby fabric make a great combo and an undisputable must purchase, so I went home happy.

i like your style

14 Apr

look at all those houseplants!

and a bedroom tree! ahh now I want a bedroom tree. the boy doesn’t really need his own night stand does he? … no no i think we could make the sacrifice for some more green.

beauty from designsponge

federal mirror

13 Apr

I keep seeing this etsy treasure in lovely interiors all over. I think this would be such an interesting mirror to add to a small powder room in place of a traditional rectangle mirror. Anyone else have brilliant ideas?

I am so in love with the first little vignette, a houseplant really does make a room look so much better! Pure Style Home: Convex Mirrors cover of EmilyChalmers book

weekend read

8 Apr

Issue 2 is here and its packed with lots of fun photos and ideas, so give it a read this weekend and then we can discuss our favorite bits!


7 Apr

I love the unconventional way this very traditional mirror is mounted, definitely helps give it a little more substance above that intense dark counter top. Bathrooms are one room where I really appreciate those extra creative touches, anything to make them less predictable and boring.

sadly lost original source of this photo, can anyone refresh my memory?

tumbled on SUN

8 Mar

love a sun drenched room especially when it’s filled with plants…and that full wall of windows is gorgeous leading out into that lush green backyard.

thanks for collecting roygbiv