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flower factory

15 Jun

the goings on in my home studio during preparation for a recent wedding.  flower bucket overflow on the kitchen table

separating out bridesmaid bundles

piles of pitt and waxflower for aisle chairs getting grouped on the floor

tied in bundles then back into waterdoing the hold test for bride’s bouquet, it has to be just the right size

more photos from set up on location coming soon!


weekend read

8 Apr

Issue 2 is here and its packed with lots of fun photos and ideas, so give it a read this weekend and then we can discuss our favorite bits!

the pothole gardner

9 Mar

i adore this project

photos by Pete Dungey

fabric friday

11 Feb

I was initially drawn to the intense color and bold pattern on this piece. But I really fell in love with all the hand done detailing like the rainbow stitched spine and the knotted hem.  In its former life I guessing it was a blanket, but it wouldn’t be too hard to whip this bad boy into a shower curtain! or maybe even and oversized upholstered ottoman? I really wish i knew more about when and how this really unique piece was created, so share any insights if you’ve got ’em!

painted people paintings

2 Feb

pretty flowers, pretty people, pretty paintings… I’m in! you must check out Aussie artist Deidre But-Husaim

big & small

27 Jan

wild treereminds me of one of my favorite etsy sellers, she makes great dried arrangements

fabric friday

21 Jan

couldn’t be crazier for this color combo – avocado, rust, tangerine, flamingo pink, and bright bright yellow.  so unexpected and so perfect. it’s a tiny tiny scrap, so no big sewing project in its future but i’ll definitely keep it around for inspiration.