Fabric Friday: Underbelly

15 Apr

I found both these fabrics in the same day and fell in love with the beautiful bronze and peach colors + I love the simple hint of pattern on both that gives them interests but allows them both to read as quiet solids when mixed with other fabrics.

BUT  I’ve said it before when you’re a fabric junkie like me, you really have to start rationalizing purchases before you bring a new pile home… and in this case i wasn’t sure I could indulge in two similarly shinetastic pieces in one shopping trip. So I did what any inventive hoarder would and flipped the fabrics over to see if I could use the reverse side of the fabric.

the peach was a winner, I  loved the rough almost nubby texture of the underside even more than the fabric face.

no such luck with the bronze fabric, the underside was just yuck

but one shiny + one nubby fabric make a great combo and an undisputable must purchase, so I went home happy.


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