Caladium Crazy

1 Apr

This Lonny shot got me excited, I am officially putting the Caladium on my must get plant list. The foliage is perfection for a simple statement arrangement, and there are a ton of interesting varieties that can even be container grown! great photo and some good info from Southern Living

Houston Grows has a great database of all types of Caladium, below are the specs on the Pink Beauty variety.

Description: Mottled green margins surround a pink center with dark pink veins on Pink Beauty Caladiums.  These lush, vibrant plants can certainly provide that eye-popping color everyone enjoys and wants in their garden. Large heart-shaped leaves adorn the Caladium plant with vivid colors that look almost splashed on in unique patterns. Caladiums do best in well-shaded areas. Plant height will vary depending on varieties.

Spacing: Plant 10” to 12” apart

Height: Grows 10” to 24” tall.

How To Grow: Plant in part sun to full shade.

Outstanding Features: Bulbs can be dug up, dried and stored over winter to plant the following spring

Tips: Although Caladiums tend to grow better in the shade, allowing for some sun exposure will aid in producing more vibrant colors.

Uses: Garden Bed, Containers, Borders, Landscapes


One Response to “Caladium Crazy”

  1. AnnA Barnard April 1, 2011 at 1:26 PM #

    annnnd she’s back.

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