looking for lighting

7 Feb

we went crazy remodeling and rearranging this weekend & now the house looks so good I want to make sure you can actually see it. which means we really need new lighting.

love this pendant lamp for the dining room, a tad out of our price range though… so i think I’ll have to thrift of something with a similar feel.

really struggling with bathroom lighting. I thought I was being clever by forcing the boy to install this outdoor fixture because it was the the prettiest thing I could find at Home Depot. Unfortunately you can’t really buck the system, it’s  just not bright enough for a bathroom.  So now we’re back to square one & I just want something really simple and clean + needs to be chrome to match our fixtures. I’d settle for something as generic as this.

But sadly this fixture & anything else suitable has a huge deal breaker, these horrible glass shades that only seems to come in a flared bell shape.

Anyone know where to find some more contemporary, clear glass, clean-line options?



One Response to “looking for lighting”

  1. Anna February 8, 2011 at 4:56 AM #

    this is a true challenge. I’ll be at your place at 6am Saturday morning with lattes in hand, ready to go flea marketing and thrifting. 😉


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