say my name

7 Oct

As my obsession with the fiddle leaf continues to grow I thought a more formal introduction might be in order. here goes.

Hi my name is ficus lyrata. I belong to the ficus family (obviously) and therefore i can put up with a lot of abuse. But if you totally neglect me and don’t give me enough sunshine, I’ll start dropping my big pretty leaves. So put me near a window and love me.

With all the decorator love coming my way I’m kind of a big deal these days. and get this, i kind of have a calendar… well not exactly like one for sale with dates and stuff. but i’ve got this set of awesome images where you can see me at various sizes posing with lots of pretty groovy people. and it totally should be a calendar.





told ya



ok now more fabulous interior appearances

get in on the search… send me pics and links!

in case you missed my debut


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