fiddle leaf fig

30 Sep

The fiddle leaf fig  is my absolute favorite indoor plant… at least in theory. Sadly I’ve only dreamed about owning one until recently. But now with a hot tip from my local nursery*  I’ve got a renewed mission – the fiddle leaf fig will be mine! I’m not the only one that loves this dramatic giant houseplant, it’s definitely a favorite among designers and stylist. I’ve spotted it plenty in Elle Decor over the years and little Miss Design Star herself is obviously a huge fan. Side note hear, Emily has a new website… no more brass petal. she’s big time.

Elle Decor

same room different angle

elle again

Emily's glass house challenge room

not sure who copied who but Casey had one in her room too!

Emily's work again

and again!

*the tips is that Home Depot stocks these bad boys and for around $50! They are in random shipments of assorted “tropical” plants… haven’t had any luck yet but i’ll report back as soon as I score.


2 Responses to “fiddle leaf fig”

  1. Anna September 30, 2010 at 1:37 PM #

    oh goodness. I will live vicariously through you and that fig, I swear. and at fifty dollars? That’s a steal, child!



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